Feng Yueping
Head of law firm
International investment, immigration dispute business, international entertainment, intellectual property
Director of Guozun Law Firm, Finalist, an outstanding British alumnus, Vice Chairman of Chaoyang District Federation of Overseas Chinese, member of Chaoyang District CPPCC, member of Beijing Federation of Overseas Chinese, and Executive Vice President of Beijing Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce. He was born in Zhejiang in 1985 and graduated from the University of Glasgow Law School.
International Entertainment
Legal Counsel of the Government:
1、The National Radio and Television Administration
2、Film Technology Quality Inspection Institute of Publicity Department of the CPC
3、Training Center of Cyberspace Administration
4、Tourism Quality Supervision Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
5、Sports Lottery Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China
6、National Copyright Trade Center Alliance of National Copyright Administration
7、National Base for International Cultural Trade
8、Beijing Film Association
9、Beijing Cultural Creative Derivatives Industry Association

Institutional Clients:
Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Bingo Group Limited, Haier, Rockefeller Family Rose Rock Group, Suning Sports, Beijing Seawide Oriental Energy Technology Group Limited, Chinese Culture Croup Co.Ltd., Sina Weibo, UME, Bilibili, Beijing Honav Culture Group Co., Ltd., iReader, Dragonfly FM, KEEP, etc.

Individual Clients:
Stephen Chow (周星驰), Chiu Man-Cheuk (赵文卓),Allen Ren (任嘉伦), Cyndi Wang (王心凌), Jerry Jia (贾乃亮), Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, Roberto Carlos, Róbson de Souza (Robinho), Fan Fan (范玮琪), Charles Chan (陈建州), Jelly Lin (林允), Morni Chang (张晨光), Vivian Chow (周慧敏), Silence (汪苏泷), Yunlei Zhang (张云雷), Xue Jia’ning (薛佳凝), Kim Ji-mun (金志文), Timmy Xu (许魏洲), Yi Lin (林一), Zidong Yan (晏紫东), Yunsheng Jiang (姜云升), Lareina (宋祖儿), Zhang Xinyi (张歆艺), Li Guangjie (李光洁), Lin Yongjian (林永健), Crystal (张天爱), Lin Gengxin (林更新), Ning Chang (张钧甯), Sunny (王晓晨) , etc.

Legal Service for the Embassy:
Embassy of Greek, Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Embassy of the Republic of Senegal, Embassy of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon, Embassy of Montenegro, Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Embassy of the Republic of Albania, Embassy of Romania, Embassy of the Republic of Croatia, etc.

Legal Service for IP Operation and Film & Television Projects:
My Motherland and Me, People, My Homeland, A Hustle Bustle New Year, Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, Chang Jiang Qi Hao, Star Trek, A Little Thing Called Love, The Masquerade Hotel, Masquerade Night, The Yin-Yang Master: Dream Of Eternity, A Lifelong Journey, Scenery here, The Monkey King 3, Creation of the Gods series, Mermaid, Unrequited Love, Fairy Wife at Home, etc.

Legal Service for TV Show:
The truth! Flowers and everything, Fighting!CBA, Champion, Chief green Officer, etc.
Master of Corporate Finance Law, University of Glasgow, UK
Chinese, English