Congratulation to Guozun Law Firm’s client for winning the award for its work "The World"

Guozun lawyer 2022-11-21

LATEST NEWS  Congratulation to Guozun Law Firm’s client for winning the award for its work "The World"

The 31st Golden Eagle Award has come to an end. The TV drama "The World" won four awards: excellent TV drama, best TV drama director, best actress and best actor, becoming the biggest winner of this Golden Eagle Award.

In 2018, Beijing Yiwei Culture signed an exclusive global full copyright contract for Liang Xiaosheng's work "The World" and officially joined hands with Tencent Pictures to jointly launch an 8-year cooperation on film and television copyright of "The World".

Guozun Law Firm, as the legal adviser of Yiwei Culture Co., Ltd., witnessed that The World has become the top of domestic era dramas.

This drama, "The World", spans 50 years of Chinese people's life history. It  condenses the joys and sorrows of several generations warmly and realistic. It comprehensively demonstrates the great changes of Chinese society and the good quality of ordinary people who have always been tenacious and struggling, active and optimistic in the face of life difficulties.

With intensive and professional quality and precise service,up to now, Guozun Lawyer has become the legal adviser of more than 100 government agencies, large enterprises and leading enterprises in various industries, such as the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Chinese Olympic Committee, Tencent Group, Ali Film, and has won a lot of recognition and trust.

In the future, Guozun Lawyers will continue to use our professional knowledge, give full play to their professional advantages, and provide more professional, comprehensive, efficient and high-quality legal services for more fields and industries.