Guozun Law Firm's was admitted to People's Court mediation platform

Guozun lawyer 2022-11-21

Recently, Guozun Law Firm's Overseas Chinese Diversified Mediation Center successfully entered the People's Court mediation platform.

Since the People's Court mediation platform was launched in 2018, it has been committed to integrating court trial mediation resources across the country and dispute resolution resources of the whole society, and mobilizing all parties to work together to do a good job in dispute mediation. Its advantages lie in its ability to open up various offline and online channels and flexibly organize mediation. Online mediation agreement and online judicial confirmation can be made to promote mediation efficiency; For unsuccessful cases, the judge can directly guide the parties to file cases online. In the next step, the Supreme  Court also plans to integrate the complicated and simplified procedures and the expedited adjudication into the mediation platform , and finally build a large platform integrating "separation, mediation and adjudication".